Zoom manual

  1. Download and install Zoom on your computer/laptop/tablet/mobile. Usually it can be done automatically the first time you click on the conference link. The installation process may take several minutes, so we advice you get ready for the first workshop in advance.
  2. Start a Zoom conference by clicking on the link in the e-mail letter or by entering its ID and password in the field provided by the program.
  3. Make sure your microphone is muted.
  4. If possible, turn on the web-camera.
  5. If you want to ask a question, use the chat. In the window on the right type the question and press "Enter".
  6. If for any reason you cannot ask a question in the chat, use the service "Participants" -> "Raise Hand". If you change your mind or your question has been answered, lower your hand (clicking the button “Lower Hand”).
  7. At the question time the Organizers will give you the opportunity to ask your question orally and offer you to turn on the microphone.
  8. To leave the conference, click “Exit”. You can always return to the conference again (see 2).