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Thursday, 1 October 2020 (15:00 Moscow time)


Prof. Kostya Novoselov,
University of Manchester, UK

Title: Physics and Applications of van der Waals heterostructures

Chair: Sergey Streltsov

Language: Russian

Thursday, 15 October 2020 (15:00 Moscow time)


Prof. Nicola Spaldin,
ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Title: Transition metal oxides

Chair: Daniel Khomskii

Language: English

 5 November 2020


Prof. Leonid Dubrovinsky,
Bayreuth University, Germany

Title: Modern research at high pressures: from the interior of planets to new materials

Chair: Sergey Ovchinnikov

Language: Russian

19 November 2020


Prof. Dmitri Efetov,
Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology, Spain

Title: Magic Angle Bilayer Graphene - Superconductors, Orbital Magnets, Correlated States and beyond

Chair: Sergey Streltsov

Language: Russian

3 December 2020


Prof. Robert Cava,
Princeton University, USA

Title: Main problems in solid state physics: how chemist can help?

Chair: Sergey Streltsov

Language: English

17 December 2020


Prof. Igor Mazin,
George Mason University, USA

Title: Conventional high-Tc superconductivity:from A15 to MgB2 and H3S

Chair: Daniel Khomskii

Language: Russian